We Directly Interface with Our Customers at the Point of Sale

We Send Invoices to Get Paid

We Have an E-Commerce Business and Get Paid Online

We Do Recurrant Billing for Services

On-the-Go Point of Sales

Modern businesses often require you to process transactions in new ways. For restaurants, that means at the table. For mobile businesses, it could be anywhere. NPS stays ahead of the curve with POS systems that are as versatile as your business.

Clover Flex

The Clover Flex POS is a new smart payment and business management device that fits in the palm of your hand, integrating a printer, a camera, and QR scanner with a powerful touchscreen commerce device. Use the Clover Flex point of sale in line, at the table, at the counter, or on the go with 3G and Wi-Fi capabilities.


  • Keep customers happy with a built-in printer
  • Accept all payment types including chip and contactless
  • Let customers sign in line or chip and pin at the table
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Take an order in line and close it at the counter

Built in receipt printer

Keep customers happy!

Credit card reader

Swipe or dip credit card reading


Take payments from contactless credit cards or phones

Built in camera & barcode reader

Inventory management in your hand

Full Lineup

Counter-based Point of Sales

The counter-based point of sales is the original method for processing transactions. Whether you need a minimalist POS to simply process transactions, or a complex integration with your business to manage inventory and collect customer data, NPS has you covered. We pair you with the system that’s right for your business so you can just worry about making money.

Clover Station

Running a business, your plate is full. All the time. Clover Station is designed to help in so many ways. Speeding up transactions. Simplifying daily tasks. Securely accepting the latest payments. Making your plate a lot lighter.


  • Securely Accept All Major Types of Payment with Ease
  • Swipe, Dip, or Tap
  • Track Inventory
  • Manage Employees

Built in receipt printer

Sleek and easy to use printer.

Credit card reader

Swipe, dip, and conctactless credit card reading.

14" Monitor

High definition merchant-facing touch screen.

7" Monitor

7" Customer-facing high-definition touch screen.

Full Lineup